im so sorry for not being there with u at the time u really need me..every night before i sleep i pray to Allah for taking care of you as well as mum..i know im a little stubborn right now but i dont have choices..i have to get a job so that i can take care of u n mum..insyallah when all going smooth according to my plan..i will be there to take care of u..i really need to talk to someone right now but everyone seems have their own problems..i can only talk to myself n u know wut.. i really2 miss u n mum..insyallah during this raya we all will be like one happy family again like before and do please promise me to take a good care of urself n mum and pray for my good journey here in kl..

your son.

(from DEAR JOHN film)


4 Responses to “DEAR DAD”

  1. rosely…huhu…i bangga u..;)

    • Thx yan..ayie aku rindu indah mok betemu ngan kawu..ngat sik kita mkn eskrem rh ice city ya…haha..klk raya dtg umaha ku..aku raya btu thun tok…hehehe =P

  2. Hoi!

    Lek la lu.. 🙂

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