who is roshleo??




I’m rosly sapuan..but i want people to know me by roshleo..cos some frens call me rosli and some call me leo..so rosh+leo..simple yet so wierd!!haha..

i was born in bintulu, borneo’s cheese populated!born on 8april1986..my mom is melanau (one of the ethnic lives in sarawak) and my dad is typical sarawak malay..even-doh belongs to my heart bintulu,but my family already live in Kuching for more than 10 years since 1992..and maybe im proud to say that “aku org kuching”..miaw2..hehe

currently i am taking electronic-computer&information engineering in IIUM and this is my 3rd year of study..insyallah with God’s will, maybe April 2010 i will graduate from this prestigous university!!

thats ol i want to say..maybe for the next time i will add more bout myself!!


2 Responses to “who is roshleo??”

  1. miaw miaw hahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahah! 😛 😛

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