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Posted in album review with tags on October 22, 2008 by roshleo
Firstly wanna say, aku wat album review ni as to share my interest and information bout some new album yg ada lam simpanan aku..and for this time i choose to review 

NME~august issue

The Verve album..dh lame dah kat store cume aku jer trlmbt skit nk review..aku buat review ni lps aku dgr 2 lagu drpd indie band nih which is just so “captivating the ears”..aku tau band nih dr NME magazine august issue ngan MUSE jadi cover dorang..pas donlot 2 lagu yg disuggestkan lam NME, aku dgr byk kali gk ah smpi aku tergrk ati nk donlot the full album which r contain 12 tracks..


My picks of cos lah SIT AND WONDER, VALIUM SKIES and COLUMBO..i like the lyrics becos it’s simple yet meaningfull like kalo lam valium skies byk crita hal pompuan yg suka buat perangai and mengecewakn ati dorang..satu gi best ttg lirik2 dorang is lirik dorang simple jer but ada rhyme mcm pantun..haha..antre bait2 lirik lam valium skies yg aku suke;
“How do you stop your love from crying
Even if you knew she was lying
How do you stop this world from loathing
Still no knocking with all these cards
I’m holding Aaaah Oooooh Aaaah Oooooh
She got all I need
The air I breath
When it comes to my valium skies
She don’t mind if I cry
She don’t mind if I cry
She don’t mind if I cry” 

Ok for those yg tak knl gi band nih, Verve (name asal band nih b4 jadik The Verve) nih ditubuhkan pda thun 1989 kat Northern English town of Wigan oleh Richard Ashcroft as a band leader, yg lain termasoklah Nick McCabe as guitarist, Simon Jones as bassist & Peter Salisbury as drummer.

the page of THE VERVE

the page of THE VERVE

Single pertama dorang released in March 1992 ngan tajuk “All in the Mind” where this single became the first in the series of indie chart-topping n strusnye menjadikan dorang famous and people start kenal dorang time tu.. And, for you guys information on how they changed their name to The Verve is when dorang dh start fames, mula lah buat perangai ngan drug, health problem and mcm2 lagik masalah n disiplin smpey msok & kuar utk mengembalikan maruah and membersihkan name dorang, dorang pon tkr name Verve kpd THE VERVE even dough lebih kurang je sebutannyer..Dorang start famous giler2 pda thun 1997 apabila first single dorang “Bittersweet Symphony” from their 3rd album which is Urban Hymns became an overnight success and became the defining song of Summer 1997. Dahlah single 1st masok char-ta, second single dorang “The Drugs Don’t Work” pon msok carta n panjat ke number 1 plak tuh..pergh!!Urban Hymns pada mse tuh adalah antre fastest selling British albums of all time yg melayakkan dorang mng 3 categories in BRIT Awards termasoklah Best British Band.


the verve~FORTH

the verve~FORTH

Ok back to the album~FORTH..album nih ade 10 tracks yg besh2 sume nyer for those yg minat genre mcm nih..kalo korang minat FRANZFERDINAND, alkalinetrio & weezer ..bole lah cube try dgr!!tpi kene donlot sendiri lah cos aku tak xplore gi cmne nk upload bnde2 cmtu msok lam wordpress..nxt time lah ek!!sptutnye lam album nih gk ade 12 lagu tak termsok yg bonus 2 lagu tuh tpi tak tau sbb ape 2 lagu nih which r Ma Ma Soul ngan Mona Lisa terpakse dikuarkan dri list last minit..ok antare tracks yg ade;


1.Sit and Wonder

2.Love Is Noise

3.Rather Be

4. Judas


6.I See Houses

7.Noise Epic

8.Valium Skies


10.Appalachian Springs

11.Mover [bonus track]

12.Chic Dub [bonus track]

oklah..dh byk mse abis wat post nih..aku nk study control systems gi yg aku tak pernah paham2 since msok klas nih first dae!!

mcm haram jer..mybe pasni aku jrg post bnde2 bru utk bgi peluang prepare 4 finale..poyo jerk!!haha..c-ya for the next post!

excited sbnrnye cos bru abis donlot full album metro station..nk bce review?tunggu..














at last aku dah ada album “metallica-death magnetic”

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wah..time aku buat post nih actually aku ada kuiz software nk attend jam 1130 pgi nih but aku curik skit mse cos nk ulas skit ttg album metallica baru yg aku tggu2 nk dptkan..of course la thru download..skng ni mane ade org sebok2 nk go to album store seek 4 that tiny pieces with bigger penny!!hehe..actually aku dh lame dptkan album nih tpi bru skang ada intention nk ulas..wey geng, korang kene dptkan album nih..sure layan and this is the album that most metallica’s fans waiting for since last album St. Anger which if im not mistaken due 5 yers ago!! for Metallica fans, mesti ramei suka “the day that never comes” and “unforgiven lll” becos of the catchy and commercial factor but i fond most the first track which is “that was just your life”..i love the headbanging-opening of guitar solo which is just so cool!!plus this song is mengingatkn aku ngan last single dorang kt previous abum which is “ride the lightning”..oh xsgke dorang bley wat re-recording lagu other option for fav is of course “broken beat and scarred”..which is so heart-beat-tipping!!and aku sure tgok layout album dorang..simple and meaningfull..mengingatkan kpd kematian..which is so “magnetic”..hehe..oklah 4 those yg nk copy n sedut album nih..dont hesitate to ask me for ur own collection!!wah..nk smbg study..sat agi ada kuiz..demn..any kuiz for metallica new album??sure i will excel with many colors..c-ya for my next review!!

3.5 stars!!

3.5 stars!!