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honestly, kinda busy at the moment with some task to be read ive got 2 exams left for this sem..which r software engineering due tomorrow and control systems next tuesdae..wednesday dh mok blit..yuhuu..~but since ive been tagged by fila and for sure this coming 5weeks and 3days holiday seems full with many kinds of better to do this tag earlier b4 i depart for my vacation period~yeay..

1. What’s your ambition?

actually wanna be a lawyer (shariah ones) but since ive been trapped here in engineering field..wut option do i have??owh my other aim is to be an artist..haha..


2. Who is more important to you? Girlfriends or friends? Who is important to you?

can i say both..both words bring so much meaning to me..both words ending with friends at the end of it which is the only diff is girl and (blank)..girl-fren is someone tht we want to end our life with while (blank)-friends r those who olwest there for us..both term coincide at the “us”….(fill in the balnk)……


3. How often do you think of committing suicide?

i dont want to answer this question!!


4. Do you think you have enough confidence?

probably yess..but there is a time when we jus not in the mood..enuff confidence??i dont think so..but who really cares right since u do ur own things..


5. What do you think the most likeable part of body that everyone’s envy you?

sorry i change to this question..ok, part of body..ermm i like my eyes alots..not becos it’s charming but more to its my important asset in life after my voice..haha~~


6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?

yup..i like the colors..7 colors is it??when talking about rainbow..i always remembered about some dongengan about pointing our fingers to it true??anyone?.. 


7. What is your goal for this year?

goal??r u kiddink me??this question is not valid anymore since this is november..u shud be asking like what is ur plan for next yer..or maybe asking about is ur goal achieved olready??…neway i never achieve my goal since it is too high to achieve..haha


8. Do you believe in eternity love?

not depends on time and person tht u love..but for the nature one i think it is eternity since we believe in Allah..and the love is always for Him..


9. What’s a perfect girlfriend/boyfriend like to u? (List 10)

first:nobody is perfect!!

second:my type of girl is beyond my imagination..i never tot about the perfect one..let it comes naturally from the heart which is u can feel every beat of it..

third:to list down 10 things..??back to the first one..cum-on..nobody is perfect laa..


10. How do you define loneliness?

loneliness as ive said to my frens is something that is always there in our lives there right beside our serebelum..and if u called comes bring ol of his frens named blaming,frustrating,self-degrading,confusing and so on..loneliness is equally like happiness but opposite..the difference btwn happiness and loneliness is just ur mind..u think about it,u feel it..!!


11.What is your bad habits?

sarcastic and eating too much!!


12. Is there anything you wanna tell the people who hates you?

never underestimate me!!revenge is always work in desperation!!……..—>im not this kind of people thou..and back to question number 11 i want to add..i like to lie alots…hehe


13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?

of course!!if u dont really mean about it..never have one..right??


14. What does flying means to you?

flying is everyone dream..i wish i could fly to my hometown in just a second..and i want to fly to my childhood time..the day i was born, my first time going to school and my highschool yer..


15. What do you crave for the most currently?

food and pleasure time..


16. Most unexpected gift you received so far and when?

i dont really think about it…next!!


17. Describe the person who tagged you in 5 words:

Difficult To Approach At First!!

but if u know him..its juz like, pls-stop-talking-thing!!..haha


18. What have you done to yourself make yourself happy?

eating, watching movies, listening to new wave music,talking..etc.


19. What will you become in another 10 years to come?

recording artist and have my own studio in kuching..or maybe got my Ir. title and work as an engineer..or maybe work as a lawyer in Mahkamah Rendah Shariah in kuching..anything can happen..right??


20. What have you achieved in life lately to make it better?

be myself and not bothering wut people thought bout me..

Instructions: Remove 1 question form above and add in your personal question.

Make a total of 20 questions and tag 8 people. List them out at the end of the post.

sorry..i dont have time to think who am i gonna tag..sesape bace i consider u ol being tagged by me..!!haha..gotcha~~



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response to i3ra’s post regarding 10 things she likes most!!actually dont have any idea of wat am i like most at the moment since too serabut with some chores and deeds to be finished b4 finale starts..

1. I LIKE TO COLLECT THINGS; aku mmg suke kumpul2 benda nih tak kesah lah benda tu berbentuk fizikal, imaginary or virtual..antarenyer..dlm simpanan aku ada berpuluh2 jnis crita muvie dri mcm2 ngra dan bahase but yg aku dh tgok btul2 brape kerat jer..series pon sme..sries dri us, uk, japan, korea, endon and dri mlaysia sndiri hmpir sume aku ade tpi syg tak sume aku tgok..lagu apatah lagi..kumpul album dh hampir bergig-gig tpi yg aku dgr btul2 asyik2 lagu yg sme diulang2..sme gk ngan magazine n komik..kdg2 aku bli just utk kumpul jer..bace tak smpi 5min pon pastu dh simpan lam laci..buku2 motivasi apatah lagi..mmg hampir penoh dh buku2 motivasi agama n sosial aku ader..tpi yg aku abis bce..ermm takde langsong!!

2. I LIKE SPENDING MY MONEY!!;aku a bit boros lah..bukan a bit lagik..but very..very boros!!mmg kalo aku paris hilton, dh lamer aku kumpul jet2 n kreta2 mewah kat laman umah aku..aku buat rumah seluas  lautan..pendek kata dri satu bilik ke satu blik kene gne helicopter..fuhh..besarnyer angan2 mat jenin tok!!

3. I LIKE TO EAT!; dulu aku tak pernah rsa mkn and tido satu keperluan..aku pernah tak tido lam mse 2 hari..aku nap jer..mkn pun sma..kalo tak sbb gastrik mmg aku dh tak nak mkn cos bgi aku antara bnda2 yg buang mse kite ialah mkn n tido..but now its ol changed!!aku suke giler mkn..aku suke mrsa bnda2 baru yg sedap dipandang dek mata tok..skrg aku dh kumpul new hobbies which is mkn~~

4. I LIKE TO GO TO CINEMA; this is my weakness!!kalo aku kuar jer taksah kalon tak tgok wyng..aku snggup terttido2 lam wayang tuh dri aku juz lalu dpn kaunter tiket wyg pastu blah..mcm dh jadi habit utk aku tgok wyg..aku slalu tgok ngan mmbr2 yg sekpla ngan aku suke tgok wayang..las muvie aku tgok is MAX PAYNE!!BESH THP DEWA-4STARS!!..tpi aku tak suke bli pop corn..remeh and mengotorkan tgn..hehe!!

5. like i3ra, I LIKE TO SCHEDULISE MY WHAT-TO-DO LIST; aku rse bnde nih aku amik dri bapak ak yg suke listkan ape yg kne wat n ape yg patut bwk if aku nk pi somwhere..slalunyer aku akan prepare brg2 y aku nk bwk beberapa jam awal sblm berangkat..aku tak suke kalo brg aku dh wat something terrible by forgetting things to bring padahal bole jer bli balik but signifikan value of a particular thing is not the same ok!!hehe..

6. I LIKE TO TALK A LOT!! aku mmg tak boleh hidup tanpa berckp..stiap ari aku akan berckp,berckp, and berckp lagi ngan sapa2 yg aku slesa nk berckp..sbb tu ak tak leh keseorgan..tapi kdg2 apa yg aku ckp byk mengarut cos dh kehabisan idea tpi tnga utk berckp tak pernah lupus..hohoho..aku mmg lahir lam kuarga yg byk ckp n ckp nk wat cmne kan..hehehe..

7. I LIKE TO JELIN PEOPLE; that is my another weaknesses and wierdo!!dri kecik lagi aku suka tgok gelagat org yg ade kt skeliling aku..sometimes aku terjelin kat dorang smpei dorang pikir aku nk cri gadoh or bzy body!!sbnrnya maksud tersirat di sebalik jelngan aku tuh is aku suke gain something new in my every day life..aku nk explore something new tak kesah lah bnda tuh brupa org ke, perbualan ker, bende ke or even “sosok-sosok hitam”..hehe ..tapi kalo korang tak suke or trase ngan jelingan maut aku tuh..sory byk2..tu lah habit pling buruk aku..aku rse lah..hoho..

8. I LIKE SOMETHING WUT WE CALLED AS STRENUOUS ACTIVITY; dri kecik agi aku mmg suke aktivity2 lasak n mencabar..sbb tuh time sek dulu aku dri drjh satu msuk klab pengakap cos full of discipline n aktivity2 perkhemahan yg bes..aku juge pernah 3 kali naik gunung santubong and antre yg terawal nek..aku gk pernah gune payong terjun time masok rakan mude dulu n slalu gk join aktivity2 ekpidisi anjuran mane2 free klub..and aku kalo dibri peluang nk cube scuba diving, bungee-jumping, and mcm2 lagik xtivity yg boleh mencabr keupayaan aku..

9. I LIKE HORROR MUVIES!~; antare genre yg aku suke is horror n thriller..suke giler tgok crite2 mcm nih like ghost whisperer, supernatural, juon, into the mirror, the eyes..and mcm2 lagik..bgi aku mmg puas dpt tgok n mersa kegerunan time tgok esp kalo tgok kt wayang..tpi lps tgok tuh sendiri mau ingat lah terketar2 aku lam toilet ushar sana sini..serve me right!!

10. since this is my last point, so i juz summarise ol of my LIKE things into one and short answer;

-MOVIE EVER: transformers

-SERIES EVER: supernatural

-FAV FOOD: spaghetti

-FAV DRINK: soya

-SONG OF MY SOUL: “nevermind me” by maria mena

thats ol for now..its olready 1214am..and i still have many assgmnts to gotta go!!bye~~