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at last aku dah ada album “metallica-death magnetic”

Posted in album review with tags on October 20, 2008 by roshleo


wah..time aku buat post nih actually aku ada kuiz software nk attend jam 1130 pgi nih but aku curik skit mse cos nk ulas skit ttg album metallica baru yg aku tggu2 nk dptkan..of course la thru download..skng ni mane ade org sebok2 nk go to album store seek 4 that tiny pieces with bigger penny!!hehe..actually aku dh lame dptkan album nih tpi bru skang ada intention nk ulas..wey geng, korang kene dptkan album nih..sure layan and this is the album that most metallica’s fans waiting for since last album St. Anger which if im not mistaken due 5 yers ago!! for Metallica fans, mesti ramei suka “the day that never comes” and “unforgiven lll” becos of the catchy and commercial factor but i fond most the first track which is “that was just your life”..i love the headbanging-opening of guitar solo which is just so cool!!plus this song is mengingatkn aku ngan last single dorang kt previous abum which is “ride the lightning”..oh xsgke dorang bley wat re-recording lagu other option for fav is of course “broken beat and scarred”..which is so heart-beat-tipping!!and aku sure tgok layout album dorang..simple and meaningfull..mengingatkan kpd kematian..which is so “magnetic”..hehe..oklah 4 those yg nk copy n sedut album nih..dont hesitate to ask me for ur own collection!!wah..nk smbg study..sat agi ada kuiz..demn..any kuiz for metallica new album??sure i will excel with many colors..c-ya for my next review!!

3.5 stars!!

3.5 stars!!