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movie: maxPAYNE~pain2theMAX!!

Posted in maLEOdramaIwatched~!, muvie review with tags , on October 26, 2008 by roshleo

after did some revision of my *28th “date” so like wanna write something to this blog..its still dizziness lingering my head feel the pain of study..oh well 4 everyone input, its study period now in uia..and my fist paper is dum dum dum..28th..which is communcation engineering!~of corse i like this subject but since i missed too many classes..oh my A’s just look so impose-sible!!haha..

k lah..wanna rite something about anything which the something is MY LATEST WATCHED MUVIE : MAX PAYNE which pain me to the max..wut i mean by pain is not like abuse-kind-of-thing, but my pain is cos by the film which is so darn real with many actions..owh i love to watch this muvie again!!antre plakon yg ade r mark wahlberg, chris o’donnell n many more..

i went out with my old fren, nisha that day..(spa anisha?? ol fren lah..nothing personal!!) if im not mistaken kiteorg kuar agk lewat since aku ter-overslept dat day..haha..sori again~~mmg tggu2 nk tgok max payne ni cos sblm ni tau dri games jer..tgok on the first dae of tayangan which is 16/10,thurdae yg lps kt mane gik..times square ler..hoho

kalo sesape yg penah men games nih..mesti tau kan skit sbyk mengenai max pyne’s ol bout revenge!!nih aku critekan sinopsis nyer skit..pasal sorang mamat polis nih (max payne) berpgkt detective yg nk bls dendam kat satu geng yg bunuh istri dan anak nyer..actally die crik sorang pembunuh jer gi cos time kjadian berlaku die bru blik dri ofis and tetibe dgr sore istri die menjerit dri tgkt die pn trus melulu crik istri die n time tu 2org penjahat dpt ditembak but sorang trlps melalui tigkp bilik..dri situla tertimbulnyer dendam kesumat nk crik who’s the only guy yg terlps..

siast punye siasat tak gk jumpe clu2 yg mnunjukkan spe yg sbnrnyer kuar dri tingkap bilik umah pde ms kjdian..till one day die berjumpe ngan sorang girl nih namenye tak hengat..kat satu club n awek ni do some drug tpi drug yg die lyn agak pelek which is green in color contained in small bottle..sesape yg use drug tuh

max payne~4stars!!

max payne~4stars!!

 (the green one) will feel themselves chased by something like reaper (malekat maut) and at last mati..siasat punye siasat rupe2nyer sykt tmpt wife die kerje wat some kind of booster drink yg dorang cipta khas utk askar2..benefit booster drink nih is gives energy s well s menghilangkan rse tkut askar2 yg minum di medan pertempuran..but unluckily..ubat tu fail..and salah sorang test subject drinking nih slh gunekannyer till it become the latest drug in town..kesan bhye kpd sesape yg minum is dorang akan slalu rse diekori oleh reaper yg huduh if thier body starts to lose the drug..

the bst prt of the muvie is when being seen of the malekat maut chasing the “drugger” which is so dem real..mmg cuak giler ah with the effect n super sound audio..ade satu scene yg aku takleh lupe time reaper yg hodoh giler tarik mamat yg ngah high kuar dri tigkat apartment die tpi org yg berada kt situ yg tak nmpk jelmaan reaper tuh ngat mamat laklok nih nk bunuh dirik by terjun dri apartment tu..mmg classy~

byk gi lah aksi2 lam muvie nih yg dewa besh..penat lah nk taip nk bgi gmbaran kt korang scene2 yg ade cos byk giler scene2 bess..aku suggest korang tgok muvie nih!!~esp sesape yg mmg minat men games nih sblm ni..personally aku bgi 4 bintang for simplicity yet “actionable”..haha..oh btw..byk plakon2 series berlakon lam film nih atrenye watak lupino yg juge pelakon prison break s fernando, and also sorang plakon heroes sezen bru nih..nme die lm max payne tak hengat tpi lam heroes as daphne..the super-fast-chick~

oklah dh penat pk words utk post nih..pasni nk smbg stdy comeg..owh xlamk gi nk finale..scary~~jgn lupe ngok muvie giler3x..xsbr nk tgok Quantum of Solace on 6/11 with sya n the gangs..haha!!

wish me luck 4 the finale..c-u later!!bye~

*28 “date” is my first paper – communication engineering for those who dont know~