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Posted in i'm as a counselor with tags , , , , , on September 3, 2009 by roshleo

hallo sume n slamat berpuasa again kpd umat2 islam seantero dunia yg membace blog naif aku nih (seyesly,amat naif n noob-sile beri tunjuk ajar =P ),

thx for following me again this time n kalo ikotkan entry aku yg lps, aku ade kupas skit mengenai gejala2 manusia yg lebeh mementingkan pandangan org terhadap mereka compare kepuhasan n keselesaan mereka kpd diri mereka sendiri. enough said u have to be tough n experience enuf to be that kind of person!susah sbnrnye nk prektikkan tuh since kite bukan hidup sorang2 kt dunia nih,kite kne berinteraksi ngan alam sekitar yg mcm2 ragam. be urself n dont fully believe in wut people said, cos u know wut? eventually, they just dont care wut they have said to u!

ok, back to our topic!this time i will share my only own experience n opinion regarding using the mass social network community which is www_dot_facebook_dot_com. before this, am so effing addicted with friendster (another social network that i’ve been addicted to till facebook fetch my attention!sory friendster, but u R0CK!) i’ve been switching my social network orientation since there r lots of hacking n scheming thru frenster till i really fed-up!but now, my addicted to facebook is doubled!not only me, but lots of my companions r kinda worshipping this facebook thingy. some of them r really2 annoying till putting lot and lots of status updated (kinda creepy dowh)..but that is the truth this entry is speacially to give u guidance bout wut should never ever being done on facebook (if u really care wut people actually thought!)..=)

1. NEVER EVER EVER N EVER, update your status in short period of time (u knoe wut i mean right?)

this is the truth guys!!i’ve got 308 friends in my frens’ list but only 10 people (random number chose) are updating their status frequently!ape yg aku maksudkan frequently is tak sampai semenet pon status dier tuh, dh nk tukar status laen.come-on i really wanna know wut u’re doing at that time (correction:MOMENT)??N0..who really cares either u miss ur yayang, yoyong, and wut so ever my french’s fren called it!so please, be reasonable by only updating ur status when u have to.reminder to all:FACEBO0K IS NOT TWITTER!!!)which its more wut ure doing!not wut ure feeling..(feeling abis time wat entry nih)..haha

2. DONT EVER update ur relationship status in fb (if u really care wut people might x0x0-ing about!)

nah, this is general knowledge:FACEBOOK IS SO GOSSIP GIRL!!its kinda creepy sumtime when people know what ur relationship status is.seriously, for me, its kinda private thing to show off to people, for the people i really knoe, i dont really care but for those that i dnt really know n care, i dont want them to know n dig my love history n even can make one chronology as wut kosmo always did!let me ask u, how many of ur friends in the list r really ur fren?do i really need to make the blank n putting some marks for answer it correct?NO.u knowthe answer already!so guys, just keep ur love story to ur own.never manipulate ur popularity by geting hooked again thru facebook?so L.A.M.E!!dont be too desperate. and for those that got some lovey hidden feeling with thier break-up-frens in facebook, dont be too desperate by tracking them down: do some confession thingy n stalking them (for those yg dok sme u or sekolah) n hoping to be thier replacement lover..bullshit!!u will end up hurting urself!!seriously..

3. NEVER EVER EVER upload lots of your photos in facebook (wut i mean by “your” is the picture of only u inside it!)

this thing kinda subjective becos for me myself, i dont really care putting lots of my pictures (wut i mean is group pictures). the only thing that really concern me is your own picture-a single picture of u in it!hey u r not model n photogenic enuf to uplot that kind of pictures. please, do u really want to show off ur own beauty n wellness to people??let me give u one precious secret: if u want to know how much “puke-moment” or bleh people think or feel about ur picture, just count on how many comment or likes u get from ur facebook peeps?the more they comments or likes ur pictures, the less “meluhat” they are..and conversely applied!

4. DONT reveal or publish wutever quiz or game u have taken blindly! (seriously, r u that blind??)

hey, these quizes n games thingy kinda subjective for me. some of u might like wut the outcomes r n some of u might get hurt by taking it!right?for those yg xnk reveal their outcome or answer, there is an option for u to skip ur status publish (for those yg baru nk berjinak2 lam facebook, keep this s a reminder). but, wut really concern me is for those yg bace korang nyer outcome n makes thier home page full of ur quizzes (really annoying!) and sometime its not really appropriate quizzes taken..for instances : “how sexy r u??”, ” are u gay, straight or bisex?” “wut sex position is best suited u?”..n the list goes on..plz, just keep the answers to ur own,dont let people speculate ur silly n stupid game’s/quiz’s outcome blindly.yes, people do talk about it!enuf said..

5. PLEASE AND PLEASE use ur real name and real picture of yours as premier photo (be confident to reveal urself!)

this is the least concern of mine (u can ignore this part since im lack of ideas actually!haha..)but, if possible, its really nice to put ur own picture instead of other celebrity picture or other picture which is not u absolutely!one goal of having this social account is to tie back the lost relationship n making the new one.but, to have a sole friendship, one have to be honest to reveal thier faces so that ur long lost friend will recognize u and adding u up as thier friend. same goes to ur name, if possible, please put ur real name!(changing up some letters here n there is approprite i guess..s long s the pronounce of ur name is still same :P) if u dont be honest to the people u add s friend, its hard for them to entrust u back!

i think, its really long this time for my entry!but yes, this topic is wut i want to write for so long. please guys dont hate me if my writing is something that point to ur nose..hey actually,i did it personally some of the points that ive mentioned (see back point number 3 n 5)..haha..=)

there r lot of things actually that i want to write when i think of my first word of this entry but s time goes by n my writing olready reach this point (plus my stomach is so not in the mood to talk about right now) i kinda lost some of the points here n there. forgive me for my english n broken words (saye budak baru belajar)..but please do add n give comment if u dont agree with me at certain point in this writing!!..with the capital IF..and also, since we r talking about facebook, please dont hesitate to add me ..n please apply wutever points tht ive mention above ;P

see u back then, selamat berpuasa n bersahor + bukak pose skali lah..hehe