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first thing first,


wah..finally ive got a new medium for me officially speak my heart and mind!! this blog is created by my eagerness and envyness to my companions who already got their blog like fila, nonoe, zen, and other swkian who’s being my backbone since i live here in kl..

and more other facts to mentioned : from 21 august till 27 august, we, as apart of swkian student in IIUM are opening our LAKSA SARAWAK stall during CONVEST!!all students and visitors are invited to our stall to taste personally LAKSA SARAWAK, TEH-C-PENG, SNOW BANDONG, and even ROTI KAYA..all of these cuisine are originally from SARAWAK and this is the first time in iium convest’s history that selling all of the stuff tht ive mentioned above!!


 last but not least, im not a typical english user, so my english is a bit sux!!but at least im trying to type and use it since i want my blog to be read not only the companions but also everyone who loves to read people’s blog like me!

thx for the oppurtunity and thought!!leave ur comment..plz!!