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SLAMAT HARI RAYA SUMA~~maap zaher & baten!!

Posted in ngerepak sik abis2.. with tags on September 29, 2008 by roshleo

salam oll…

wah..pejam celik-pejam celik, at last the day tht every single muslim waiting for will be arriving not many hours more!!ol persiapan is well managed from taber warna oren thun tok..till picture of roses hanging on the wall..every single member in my family is so thril about celebrating the 1st syawal even-doh we celebrate the muslim-winning-day just in is not usual since this is the 3rd time we celebrate it here in kuching even we olready live here in kuching more than 10 yers~before this (the last raya) we celebrated it at our own hearts in bintulu..the place where actually we should go every syawal to clebrate it..

but what can i say even my raya olidae is just a week plus the days tht i fasting with my lurvely famiy..for u ol information..i wil be going back to kl in my 3rd raya..s0 sadis and first am so like cannot accept it since this is my shortest raya ever in i manage to mintak ampun to ol my beloved peeps and relatives since i only have 3 days to make a “sins cleanary” or wutever people used to call it!!hehe..but after i realised tht “rosly, u’re at kuching, so it doesnt matter how many  days u spend for ur raya..its still boring~~”..this statement is due to ol my relatives are majoritally at bintulu..only 1-2 pakcik n makcik of mine are stay here in kuching..and my real peeps?..i just can count it thru my fingers..i just considered a real fren and closed one not the bitchy-cocky-fakey-back stabber bitches one..huhu..

sory for the harsh word sumpah seranah thing but it is a fact ok..i dont realy care bout people tht wish to be beside me just want to make “damn” look purfect so tht ol the ugliest, lossering, bitching left to me!!wut  kind of attitude..and i really hate backstabbers..i crossed my fingers and left the middle one to “damn”…

ok back to my raya ive said b4..i’ll celebrate it in kuching..and i’m inviting everyone of my real peeps to come over to my house at 50 tmn hussein..really eager to meet u guys since many yers of off school thing and perkepis thing..olso to my current uia’s frens..u re olso invited!!rumah terbuka just on the first shawal..hehe..

okeylah since this is the only time that i have cos tomorrow will be really tuff with trillions of works to do plus i’m helping my mom with her kuah satay thing so eager to help and practice my cooking skil..and this is my first time helping her at dapor..ok back to my first sentence of this paragraph..aku nk ucap SELAMAT ARI RAYA EIDULFITRI, MAAF ZAHER DAN BATEN TO OL OF MY FRENS AND X-FRENS ALSO TO MY BELOVED FAMILY AND RELATIVES WHERE EVER U GUYS LIVE DURING THIS SYAWAL CELEBRATION..aku nk mintak ampun suma since aku bukanlah manusia yg purfect..aku tau mulut aku ni cocky skit but wutever ive said its trully from my hearts..and also what ever wrong-doing that maybe not intentionally to happen..i also appologize..i think this is the right and only time tht we are not shame to ask for ampun n maap to everyone tht has hurt our feeling emotionally and physically..

AND, TO EVERYONE THAT KNOW AND WISH TO KNOW ME ALSO FOR THOSE WHO HAD HURT ME..AKU MAAPKAN TAKORG SUMA..0-0 ok..smg pasni kita lebih berhati2 ngan stiap tindak tanduk kita..

until now then..smg kita berjumpa lgi dgn ramadhan thun hadapan..sekian n slam lebaran..bye~~